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Pint-tree water / ultra pure water system engineering (medium and large pure water, ultra pure water system)

Beijing xiangshunyuan Technology Co., Ltd. in rich in engineering design, production, construction, installation and debugging, analysis and troubleshooting training, experience in the water treatment industry, the products are widely used in pharmaceutical, electronic semiconductor industry, university research, solar energy industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, beverage equipment polysilicon new materials, medical institutions, electroplating coating industry.

A, application field

1, the solar photovoltaic industry: single / polysilicon, wafer cutting, solar cell, semiconductor silicon materials technology with pure water and ultra pure water.

2, the electronics industry: manufacturing, semiconductor chip, semiconductor packaging, lead frame, integrated circuit, printed circuit boards, liquid crystal display, conductive glass, kinescope, circuit boards, optical communication, computer components, capacitor clean products and various components and other production process with ultra pure water cutting semiconductor wafer.

3, bio pharmaceutical industry: biotechnology, water, water, pharmaceutical production and biochemical products, water injection, powder injection, pharmaceutical, transfusion, medical sterile water, oral liquid, conforms to the GMP standard.

4, the central water supply system: scientific research, universities, hospitals, disease control, testing, quality inspection, environmental monitoring and other industries laboratory ultra pure water centralized water supply.

5, the chemical industry: pure water for chemical process water, chemical reagent, water, chemical production of fine chemical, cosmetics and other production process.

6, the conventional industry: water use coated glass, electroplating, plating, coating, textile printing and dyeing, automobile electrical appliances, batteries, industrial distribution, industrial products such as liquid cleaning production process.

7, beverage and food industry: mineral water, fruit juice concentrate, natural water, mineral water, beer production water, liquor blending with pure water, food processing, beverage production, life drinks production process with pure water.

8, pure drinking water: Hotel, enterprise, school, community building, airport, high quality water supply equipment, direct drinking water project.

9, softened water, demineralized water equipment: all kinds of steam boiler, hot water boiler, thermal power plant, petrochemical thermal boiler make-up water.

10, the power industry: thermal power plant, power plant, boiler used in areas such as pure water and ultra pure water.

Two, function characteristics:
1), technical features: the use of the United States of America's most advanced water treatment technology, through the pretreatment, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, reverse osmosis, conventional mixed bed, EDI, fine polishing mixed bed process.

2), the control system: adopt PLC programmable intelligent control, touch screen control, boot device control system equipped with automatic detection, leakage protection devices; automatic water storage bucket, water storage, water quickly; not enough water or water pressure, automatic power down protection system, no need for special duties.

3), depth of desalination by reverse osmosis: deep desalting treatment technology (for water with high salinity area using two stage reverse osmosis), can produce high quality water purification, as post super purification unit (EDI or ion exchange system) of water, keep it longer service life and better state run.

4), washing set: automatic timing flushing function of reverse osmosis membrane (each system run for an hour, automatically on the reverse osmosis membrane group to wash, rinse for five minutes; the system operating time and washing time, also can be set according to the actual situation), which can effectively prevent RO membrane fouling, prolong the using life of RO membrane.

5), design concept: rationalization, humanization, automation, convenient and simple, each processing unit set up monitoring system, regular disinfection and cleaning function interface, water treatment, water quality upgrade function reservation, input and output interface concentration, water treatment components on a stainless steel cabinet, clean and beautiful appearance.

6), monitoring shows: the quality of produced water, the pressure and flow of online real-time monitoring, digital display, accurate and intuitive.

7), use: one set of equipment can produce at the same time with ultra pure water, pure water and purified water for drinking water, respectively, and according to the demand of the laying of pipe network, the water they need direct access to the access point.

8), parts selection: main parts are from international famous manufacturers, such as: Germany Siemens PLC programmable intelligent control system, automatic control valve, USA AUTOTROL Denmark Grundfos pump, the United States of America Hedren RO membrane, the United States Roman Haas ultra purification resin, EDI system uses CANPURE Canada, Germany Heraeus UV sterilizer in Germany, Sartorius ultrafiltration system, to ensure that the system can be very stable operation and the production of high quality ultra pure water. (Note: all parts by customers can be designated manufacturers)

Three, product classification:

1, high-end pure water, ultra pure water system (XYUP Series)

2, RO pure water system (XYRO Series)

3, EDI water treatment system

Note: the details please see the list of products

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