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Product Name:Laboratory waste temporary storage cabinet (custom type)


Medical treatment is introduced

The medical institution sewage contains some special pollutants, such as drugs, disinfectants, detergents, diagnostic agent, heavy metals, oily wastewater and a large number of pathogenic microbes, parasites and viruses, such as Ascaris eggs, hepatitis, tuberculosis and dysentery bacteria. In addition, with isotope clinic of the medical institution sewage also containing radium 226, phosphorus, gold 198, iodine 131 and other radioactive substances. Beijing xiangshunyuan Technology Co., Ltd. according to the medical waste water containing bacteria, virus, eggs pathogen in vitro, also contain chemicals and radioactive isotopes, with space pollution, acute infection and latent infection and other characteristics, damage characteristics of large, developed a pine-tree XSYFY-D series medical sewage treatment equipment. Pant XSYFY-D series medical sewage treatment equipment widely used prevention and control center in the province, city, town and township medical institutions and centers for Disease Control and animal diseases, animal husbandry industry, deep into the user's praise.

Pine-tree  sewage treatment equipment is introduced:

Pine-tree medical treatment facilities including sewage collection pool, sewage pond, grille, cover plate, a contact oxidation pond, biochemical pool, sedimentation, disinfection equipment and other related processing link.

Pine-tree XSYFY-D series medical sewage treatment equipment:

1, the practicability is wide, can adapt to all kinds of medical waste water treatment;

2, using a number of the most advanced patented technology of multi pass purification, reach the emission standard;

Centralized control of 3, through the central, high degree of automation, simple operation, automatic operation, no need for special duties;

4 water leakage, leakage and automatic protection function, high low voltage automatic protection function, no waste water protection function, the fluid level in the reservoir protection function;

5, the timing automatic cleaning function: system timing in need of cleaning and rinsing parts of automatic cleaning, longer service life;

6, the dynamic operation, digital liquid crystal display quality index;

7, module integrated technology, the treatment effect is good, will not have two pollution of waste residue, waste water, low operation cost;

8, acid and alkali resistance, low noise, small power, the characteristics of multiple safety protection etc.;

9, through the design of "one-stop" integration, beautiful appearance, small occupation area, beautiful appearance, fast processing speed, saving investment, convenient installation, large capacity, good treatment effect, low energy consumption, no noise, no leakage, environmental friendly, truly engineering equipment. Do not need to dig a treatment tank, will not have two pollution, waste gas, waste water and waste residue;

10, PLC programmable intelligent control system, man-machine interface of the operating system, LCD LCD Chinese display, man-machine dialogue function with setting function, clock and language, the boot device control system of automatic detection, automatic processing wastewater, the composition and concentration of different wastewater, the control system of automatic calculation then automatically release drugs at proportion, more scientific and reasonable;

11, the timer switch function: the device can be set automatically according to the customer's morning and night time automatic shutdown time, time setting, equipment automatically boot time every morning, evening automatic shutdown, eliminating operator went every day to the startup and shutdown equipment processing between morning and evening;

12, remote monitoring and operation function (optional): customers need only in the office or in the control room through the remote monitoring of wastewater, wastewater treatment room processing equipment control the installation of remote control software in the computer or machine operation and remote management, to understand the running status and running status of equipment. It is the formal legal software, not as a virus killing antivirus software, will not affect the stability of the system, complete remote control software for free.


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