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Product Name:Laboratory solid waste treatment device


(1) laboratory waste liquid incinerator operation index:

1, incineration capacity: kg/h

2, feeding mode: compressed air is sprayed into the

3, the use of fuel: natural gas (10000kcal/Nm3)

4, the furnace body forms: Horizontal

5: automatic ignition, ignition

6, treatment: furnace and heat exchanger + filler absorbing tower + demister + fan and chimney waste liquid atomization system + combustion

7, the temperature: 850-1100 ℃

8, the residence time of flue gas (s) ≥ 2

9, the combustion efficiency (%) ≥ 99.9

10, burned down the removal rate (%) ≥ 99.99

11, incineration residue reduction rate (%) > 5

12, noise ≤ 85dB (A) (1m)

13, the odor concentration ≤ 2000 dimensionless

14, the pressure in the furnace negative pressure: the design, not a

(2) laboratory waste incineration installations safety index:

1, laboratory furnace burner equipped with safety protection devices, burner to start is not normal, automatically cut off the fuel supply safety protection device;

2, stop operation before the incinerator (normal shutdown, shutdown and safety program) is provided with a combustion chamber cooling process, the temperature drops to the set value, the cooling end of program, incinerator stop working;

3, mechanical and electrical equipment leakage protection device, at a temperature of 40 degrees, relative humidity 85%, electrical insulation resistance is greater than 2M, and can withstand 1min frequency (50Hz), the voltage of each component of 1500V, accurate positioning, reliable connection, connection between control cabinet and the equipment is provided with a metal hose;

4, water, gas, oil through the seal pressure test experiment, no leakage phenomenon

5, safety protection equipment, incineration furnace burner equipped with safety protection device, a burner to start is not normal, automatically cut off the fuel supply safety protection device;

6, stop operation before the incinerator (normal shutdown, shutdown and safety program) is provided with a combustion chamber cooling process, the temperature drops to the set value, the cooling end of program, incinerator stop working;

7, alarm system:

(1) incinerator, switch power indication;

(2) safety requirements to ensure that the flammable gas furnace without residual and organic matter, safe and reliable operation;

(3) motor fault, overload protection device, not overload protection of motor;

(4) burning temperature;

(5) catch fire alarm, automatic fire monitor, observe the furnace has no fire, once the furnace fault flameout, system will cut waste supply and alarm.

(3) laboratory waste liquid incinerator environmental indicators:
Waste incineration equipment design and write reference:
"Pollution control standard for hazardous wastes incineration" GB18484-2001;
"Integrated emission standard of air pollutants" GB162971996;
"The people's Republic of China environmental noise pollution prevention and control regulations" GB1234890;
"Construction project environmental protection management regulations" of the State Council of the people's Republic of China (1998);
"GB18597-2001" pollution control standard for hazardous waste storage;
Standards for the design of industrial enterprises TJ361993.
Environmental quality standard for surface water GHZB1-1999.
The emission index: according to GB18484-2001 "2002-02-01 standard" hazardous waste incineration pollution control limits.




Limit value



Flue gas blackness

Ringelmann level









Carbon monoxide





sulphur dioxide





hydrogen chloride





nitrogen oxide






(4), laboratory waste liquid incineration device:
1, incinerator comprises the following equipment:
Liquid atomization system (waste liquid storage tank, liquid pressure pump, liquid conveying pipeline and control device, air compressor, air pressure pipe and control device), supplemental oxygen blower and air supply system, furnace body, gas burner, G-L heat exchanger, packed tower, demister, induced draft fan, chimney, the combustion chamber temperature automatic control system, electric control system, spray washing system (spray pump, spray pipe and control device), other connection pipeline, operating platform
2, the process description:
First, the normal operation of the equipment operation, ensure that the change has the right amount of tap water heater, open the fan, spray system for furnace purging oxygen supply fan, then open the gas burner. When the furnace temperature display instrument display to the set, open water spray system and compressed air system, water is sprayed into the furnace body of the high-temperature incineration mist, the flame through a along the high temperature flue gas pipeline in a direction tangential furnace charge into a flame column body and into the air, circling discharged from the furnace body. Waste and wastewater by high temperature pyrolysis and incineration to no smell, no odor, smokeless combustion effect, so that the burning and destruction and removal rate of more than 99.99%. High temperature flue gas generated in G-L heat exchanger recycling hot water heating, to achieve comprehensive utilization of heat energy; flue gas cooled into the packed tower, the spray washing to remove harmful components in flue gas, removing vapor in flue gas by water mist separator, protection of the subsequent equipment; the exhaust fan will be treated gas into the chimney into the atmosphere.

Note: the incinerator is not suitable for dealing with the flame retardant material and high halide waste.

3, equipment description:

1) incineration furnace
(1) the device to the atomization, internal mixing type two fluid atomizer. The degree of mixing, atomization, combustion speed and efficiency is excellent, the excess air coefficient is low, only 1.1 times so as to reduce consumption for heating air fuel. Atomizer nozzle diameter, the fluid viscosity, impurities content requirements is not high, not easy to be blocked by low pressure spray: high-pressure spray gun, more safety, not easy to wear, not easy to fault, good burning effect.

(2) high safety, before the start of a not off explosive gas ignition function cannot, in order to prevent gas explosion: design a residual burn timing device, to ensure that the furnace without residual explosible gas, burner with a photosensitive tube detection, once the flameout or ignition failure, immediately quick automatic cut off the gas path, safe and reliable. The other atomization pressure and temperature chain, once the occurrence of high temperature or abnormal, immediately stop waste water supply, alarm system, the entire operation system operation in instrument control.
(3) due to the adoption of this technology, the equipment is simplified, lower cost, easy maintenance.

(4) the waste furnace front and cone combustion head high alumina refractory alumina containing 75%, resistance to high temperature corrosion.

(5) no two pollution - multi section air feeding system, can reduce emissions in combustion process NOX, as the best technology at present waste combustion technology to reduce NOX pollution.

2) pipeline district assembly are filters, pumps, valves and pressure detection instrument, conveying circuit etc..

3) the atomization system for incineration technology Guan Jian, this system uses all foreign atomization technology design, compressed air is adjusted to a constant pressure into the nebulizer and liquid mixing atomizer, from out due to the pressure release is dispersed into small droplet, which greatly increase the burning of total surface area, reduce the waste organic fully burning effective retention time required, reducing fuel consumption; and the design of circuit system, can ensure the fog particle in a constant state of gasification, the fast and good burning effect.

4) air supply system consists of low noise, high pressure blower transported into the bellows, air through a special nozzle for multi segment into the furnace body combustion chamber, increasing the combustion air volume, the destruction of organic matter by up to 99.99%.

5) heat exchanger
Make full use of high temperature flue gas after combustion, into heat energy recovery and utilization, and the flue gas temperature, reduce the operating cost to produce the best benefit.

6) packed absorption tower
Through a special nozzle for spraying using high pressure liquid, gas enters into the bottom of a tower, gas distribution and the tower filler with industrial alkali solution countercurrent contact, effective residual gaseous pollutants are washed, the purified gas discharged by the. Top spray tower set fog water separation device, the packing separation device, remove saturated water droplets in the flue gas.

7) the chimney

The diffusion of gases play a role, it meets the national discharge standard, the chimney with the sampling hole, the chimney by wind rope fixed.

8) temperature control system
The system through the outlet flue gas temperature sensor signal acquisition and combustion of the temperature difference between upper and lower limits set on the furnace body, can display the temperature of each point in the observation of combustion in the furnace, can also closed combustion ration, the burner to start or shut down under different temperature conditions.

9) control system
Including the switch power indicator, power supply voltage detection, alarm systems, burner pressure fan, electromagnetic valve and automatic and manual switching regulator, high automation, good safety.


(5) laboratory waste liquid incineration device specifications:
1, waste combustion chamber (a)
Material: steel Q235 6mm+250-300mm refractory (high temperature 1790 ℃)
Furnace volume: 0.6m3
Furnace load: 25 × 104Kcal/m3 ·
Attached: access, view crater, explosion proof, solid feeding mouth, fire hole.
2, oxygen supply fan (one)
Volume: 600m3/h
Wind pressure: 1500Pa
Power: 0.37KW
Attached: regulating valve, air supply duct
3, natural gas burner (a)
Fuel: natural gas (10000kcal/Nm3)
Consumption: 2.3-5 Nm3/h
Control system
Automatic ignition system
Flame detection control system

4, waste pump (second stage)
Traffic: 1.5m3/h
Head: 25m
Power: 0.75KW
With a prepared
5, waste liquid atomization device (a)

Type: the tangential hybrid

Material: stainless steel SUS316L

Spray volume: 20Kg/h

6, compressed air (a)
Theory needs the exhaust volume: 0.2m3/min
Pressure: 7kgf/cm2

7, waste pipe platform (a)
Including: control valve, filter, check valve, reflux device, pressure gauge, flow regulation device etc.
8, compressed air pipeline (a)
Including: control valve, check valve, pressure display meter, pressure controller, pressure relief valve

9, G-L heat exchanger (a)

Form: tube

The heat transfer area: 5 M2

Material: the tube, Q235 steel plate, insulation materials
Attached: water tank, water pipeline, automatic replenishment device, separator, water interface

10, packed tower (a)
Material: steel Q235 (lining anti-corrosion coating) + stainless steel nozzle + packing (2)
Attached: spray pump (1.1KW) 2 (with a prepared), pipeline system;

11, exhaust fan (one)
Type: centrifugal

Volume: 1100m3/h

Full pressure: 2100Pa

Power: 1.5KW

Attached: regulating valve, muffler cover
12, the chimney (a)

Material: steel Q235

Exports: size φ 219 × 15 meters

Attached: the sampling port, the rope is fixed.
13, electrical and instrument control system (a)

House beautiful
Incinerator power switch display

Incineration furnace electrical control

Stall warning system

Temperature display
Emergency interlocking device

14, the auxiliary system (a)

Support parts, fasteners and other
★ can improve combustion and emission standards, the parts above the company retained the power to change the design, please understanding!


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