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Product Name:Industrial wastewater treatment equipment


Pine-tree industrial wastewater treatment equipment is introduced:

Beijing xiangshunyuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Chemical Technology joint research and development of industrial wastewater treatment equipment is a special equipment for industrial wastewater treatment.

Pant laboratory wastewater treatment equipment by the classification of waste collection unit, control unit, wastewater wastewater treatment unit, settling separation unit, physical treatment, biological treatment unit, unit of wastewater purification unit. Comprehensive treatment of wastewater by chemical pretreatment, chemical processing, inclined tube sedimentation, disinfection and sterilization, multi pass filtering precipitation separation, micro electrochemical redox patent technology, two step flocculation biological membrane purification, organic wastewater model packed bed light catalytic reaction patent technology, update molecular surface liquid selective mass and mycelium imprinted patent technology treatment process of industrial enterprises, can effectively the removal of COD, BOD, SS, chroma and heavy metal ions, according to the different components of industrial wastewater, wastewater treatment using processing technology and different control system. After the treatment of wastewater GB21900-2008 emissions from wastewater standard in the three standards, the treated sewage can be discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network, can also upgrade processing wastewater after treatment, can realize the recycling, saving water resources, reduce costs.

Wastewater treatment apparatus that our company produce mainly for industrial wastewater treatment, applicable scope includes electroplating industry, printing and dyeing industry, paper industry, chemical industry, bio pharmaceutical enterprises, industry and mining, waste treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, electronic circuit board, polycrystalline gauge photovoltaic industry, semiconductor industry, coking plant, petrochemical, iron and steel enterprises enterprise, life science research of wastewater treatment. The device is the first by neutralization coagulation sedimentation, removal of inorganic salt wastewater and impurities; and by adsorption interception, electric decomposition exchange and microorganisms, the removal of COD, BOD, SS, chroma and heavy metal ion, reach the discharge standard of wastewater.

Product design is reasonable, convenient operation, high safety performance, advanced technology, high degree of automation, no special duty, good treatment effect, small occupation area, convenient operation and management etc..


Equipment characteristics:

1), wide practicability, can adapt to all kinds of industrial wastewater;

2), the waste water treatment and purification using a number of multi pass the most advanced patent technology, to achieve discharge standards;

3), centralized control by a central, high degree of automation, simple operation, no need for special duties;

4), can realize timer switch, no waste water protection function, the fluid level in the reservoir protection function;

5), which can achieve high low voltage automatic protection, automatic protection function of water leakage, leakage;

6), dynamic operation, digital liquid crystal display quality index;

7), module integrated technology, the treatment effect is good, will not have two pollution of waste residue, waste water, low operation cost;

8), acid and alkali resistance, low noise, small power, the characteristics of multiple safety protection etc..

9), by "one-stop" integration, beautiful appearance, small occupation area, convenient centralized management.

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