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Product Name:EDI water treatment system


     EDI (Electrodeionization) is also called salt technology in addition to continuous power, it scientifically the electrodialysis and ion exchange technology com., by Yang, anion exchange membrane for Yang, anion selective permeation and ion exchange resin to achieve directional migration of ions in water, the ions in the water under the effect of the electric field, so as to achieve the purpose of water the deep removal of salt, and the loaded resin were continuously regenerated by hydrogen and hydroxide ions from water electrolysis process, so the water does not need EDI acid, alkali chemical regeneration can continuously produce high quality ultra pure water, it has the advantages of advanced technology, compact structure, simple operation, can replace the traditional ion exchange device, to produce the resistivity of 10-18M Ω· CM ultra pure water, widely used in electric power, electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and laboratory areas, is the water treatment technology of the green revolution.

EDI has the following advantages:

1. desalination rate greater than 99.9%, the efficiency is much higher than the two stage reverse osmosis and simple ion exchange;
2. water resistivity 15-18M Ω· cm, pH 6.5-7.0, Si <1.0ppb, completely sterile;

3.continuous production of ultra pure water, water stability, operation cost and repair cost;

4.ion exchange resin without the use of acid-base regeneration, save a lot of acid-base and cleaning water;

5.EDI module automatic regeneration, will not stop because regeneration;

6.and high degree of automation, easy maintenance, can be designed to improve the membrane technology for high pure water production line;
7.cleaner production, no waste water discharge, green environmental protection;
8.covers an area of small, single system of continuous operation, do not need build a standby system.


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