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Product Name:Central laboratory ultrapure water system (XYJ-H Series)


Central laboratory ultrapure water system (XYJ-H Series)

Application: experimental building, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical and biological products factory production workshop, temporary inspection center

System Description: central mainframe concentration produce pure water and ultra pure water, transported to all laboratory water points through pure water pipeline, users in the laboratory from pure water and ultra pure water direct access required laboratory pure water. The central host of water quality and water can be designed and produced according to the user requirements, water transmission pipeline can be laid according to the actual situation of laboratory floors and terminal water points.

Technical parameters (Model Description: □ refers to the corresponding yield per hour; 1 refers to the single stage reverse osmosis; 2 refers to the two stage reverse osmosis)  

project model



Water supply General municipal tap water (TDS<200) General municipal tap water (200
water yield

125 L/hr

250 L/hr

500 L/hr

1000 L/hr

working conditions

Power supply 220V; pressure greater than 2Kg/cm2;
working environment temperature 540 C 

Figure style

Cabinet and rack 

Note: the amount of water can be customized according to customer demand                               



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