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Product Name:Preparation of special type water system (XYH-H Series)


Preparationof specialtypewater system(XYH-H Series) 

System Description: XYH-H series medical sterile pyrogen free water system is first used to pre filter, fine filter and RO after the membrane filtration, the wavelength of ultraviolet sterilization of 185/254nm, make the bacteria completely in the UV radiation intensity in the distance, through the destruction of bacteria cell in the DNA to effectively kill the bacteria, the sterilizing rate above 8D. Finally, with a sulfonated polyethersulfone membrane filtered residual bacteria and protein, the amount of bacteria in water to sterile application to state the obvious, ensure that the water quality indicators in line with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 preparation water quality standard.

Technical parameters:(Model Description: □ refers to the corresponding yield per hour; 2 refers to the two stage reverse osmosis)



Water supply
General municipal tap water(TDS≤>200)   
General municipal tap water(200<TDS<1000)
water yield

5 L/hr    10 L/hr  20 L/hr  40 L/hr  60 L/hr

water quality
* III: pure water conductivity is equal to or less than 10 μ s/cm@25 ℃
* preparation stage water: in line with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 Edition by pure water standards
working conditions

Power 220V/50Hz, power 50W

Appearance size

370×450×510mm(desktop)             500×480×980mm(upright)

Note: the amount of water can be customized according to customer demand


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