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Ultra low organic matter type ultra pure water machine (XYF-H Series)--Beijing XiangshunyuanTechnology Co., Ltd
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Product Name:Ultra low organic matter type ultra pure water machine (XYF-H Series)


Ultra low organic matter type ultra pure water machine (XYF-H Series)


*high performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

* atomic absorption / emission spectra analysis of molecular biology, life sciences

* gene of toxicological studies on tissue and cell culture of

*DNA sequencing

* analysis of protein amino acid analysis
Technical parameters(Model Description: □ refers to the corresponding yield per hour; 1 refers to the single stage reverse osmosis; 2 refers to the two stage reverse osmosis)




Water supply

General municipal tap water(TDS≤200) General municipal tap water(200 < TDS <1000)

water yield

5 L/hr 10 L/hr 20 L/hr 30 L/hr 40 L/hr 60 L/hr及以上
water quality
* grade III water: conductivity less than or equal to 10 μ s/cm@25 ℃
* reagent grade water: resistivity greater than 18.2M Ω.Cm@25 ℃
                                 Conductivity less than 0.055 μ s/cm@25 ℃




particulate matter




Metal cations
Fe、Al、Cr、Ni、Cu<0.005 ppb        Zn、k<0.02           ppb Na<0.01ppb
Cl-、SO42-<0.01ppb          NO2-、NO3-<0.02ppb
working conditions
Power 220V/50Hz, power 50W
Appearance size

370×450×510mm(台式)      500×480×980mm(立式)

Note: the amount of water can be customized according to customer demand


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