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Capital Normal University (2 1T/H central ultra pure water system, biological system)

Minzu University of China (300L/H)

Dalian University of Technology (College of chemical engineering, 4, 250L/H central ultra pure water system)

Northeastern University Institute of materials (reverse osmosis +EDI system)

Flat display technology center of Northwestern University (reverse osmosis +EDI system)

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Tianjin Industrial Biotechnology Research Institute (the 1 tons of the ultra pure water system, 2)

Jilin province product quality supervision and Inspection Institute (reverse osmosis +EDI system)

Changchun City, Jilin Province Product Quality Inspection Institute (reverse osmosis +EDI system)

Heilongjiang province Daqing City Product Quality Inspection Institute (reverse osmosis +EDI system)

Jilin province Songyuan City Product Quality Inspection Institute (reverse osmosis +EDI system)

Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Group

Inner Mongolia Xinwang renewable resources Ltd. (500L/H)

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Institute for drug control (2T/H ultra pure water equipment)

Hebei North University (ultra pure water equipment)

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