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Oilfield Petrochemical
Shengli Petroleum
Daqing Oilfield
China Petroleum Fushun
Dagang Petroleum Group
Sinopec Jiangsu Oilfield Production Test Plant
Daqing Petroleum Administration Technical Supervision Center
Liaohe Oilfield Petrochemical
Liaohe Petroleum
Zhongyuan Oilfield
Shengli Refinery

North China:
China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Company
China Nuclear Industry Petrochemical Maintenance Company
China South Locomotive Group
In the Green Industry Co., Ltd.
China Research Highlights Technology ( Beijing ) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd. Ming- Power and Energy Branch central heating station
Water tower ( Beijing ) Technologies Vinegar
Arkema Beijing Chemical Co., Ltd.
Beijing North seized NWS Source Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Chemical Analysis Instruments Co., Ltd. Huadian edge
Beijing Boda Green tech Co., Ltd.
Beijing North Market Center
Beijing Yanqing station urban water quality monitoring network
Rare Earth Materials Co., Ltd. Beijing Innovation
Beijing Oriental fashion company
Aude Beijing Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing North China test Detection Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Chemical Membership
Beijing Huizhong Anderson Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Khurshid
Beijing Tianhong Biotech Co., Ltd. Hong Mei
Beijing Lee Kang Sijiang Gene Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing bamboo biopharmaceutical company
Beijing Mei Lin Yunhong Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Kang Ying Shi Connaught Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Sevenstar Electronics Co., Ltd.
Beijing Qingyun Aviation Instrument Co., Ltd.
Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. Eiki
Beijing Sha East Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing God fog
Beijing jiumu cooperatives
Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Dongtai first hearing
Yeke Metal Co., Ltd.
Beijing Yue Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Barco Visual ( Beijing ) Electronics Co., Ltd. ( 2 )
ZTE Corporation
BYD Co., Ltd.
Beijing Wulong telecommunications technology company
Beijing Pu Chan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Jiujiang, Jiangxi Institute 6354
Bright Crystals Technology Co., Ltd.
Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute
Beijing Institute of Advanced Electronic Materials
Flower Research Institute , Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry
Beijing Vegetable Research Center of Agricultural Sciences
Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Plant Protection
Beijing Institute of Aerospace Power
Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Science
Beijing Institute of Carbon Fiber
Beijing Institute of Agriculture adzuki bean
Beijing Specialty Materials Testing Center
Beijing Huadian Chemical Analysis Instruments edge
Beijing Academy of Agricultural Science World Green Park
Beijing Iron and Steel Research Gaona Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Han manufacture when
Beijing pesticides identified by the
Beijing Petroleum Product Testing Center
Beijing Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Station
Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden
Testing Center of Liaoning Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Daqing Oilfield Administration
China Sinopec Jiangsu Oilfield
Liaohe Oilfield Petrochemical Research Institute
Yingkou, Liaoning Province Veterinary Drug Control
Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Bureau
Dalian Institute of Animal Husbandry
Physical and Chemical Testing Center of Shandong Provincial Government

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