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Beijing xiangshunyuan Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise by the returnees created, corporate headquarters is located in Beijing Zhongguancun science and Technology Park, the production base is located in Beijing Airport Economic Development Zone Technology Park No. 2 standard workshop, production base in the south of Hunan province is located in Changsha national hi tech Industrial Zone Jin Rong concentric Industrial Park building A7. The company specializes in the laboratory of integrated wastewater treatment equipment, waste disposal system, laboratory comprehensive laboratory of hazardous waste storage cabinet system, laboratory of integrated waste gas treatment equipment, laboratory pure water machine, ultra pure water system, such as product development, production and sales.
I began to combine advanced technology research and development laboratory wastewater treatment systems in developed countries such as the United States from its inception in 2006, successful   >>More...

  Shanghai product inspection institute fiber selects my company laboratory comprehensive waste water treatment equipment
  The experimental building of China fiber inspection bureau selects the integrated wastewater treatment equipment produced by our company
  Four customers, such as Peking University, chose the parente laboratory waste storage cabinet in June
  Vice mayor zhou and some leaders came to our factory to visit and inspect the production and operation condition and guide the work
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